Company delivers local food to consumers

A start-up grocery delivery service in Charlottesville, VA, Relay Foods,  recently got some attention from Forbes:

An Online Grocer For Web 2.0. Just Don’t Call It Webvan 2.0.

Relay helps bring consumers and local food producers together by purchasing from small farms, bakeries, butchers, and cheese shops in the Charlottesville area, and delivering the groceries to buyers at convenient pick-up locations. This model gives people easier access to local foods; cuts down on greenhouse gases and cars on the road as many orders are combined into fewer trips made in biodiesel-fueled trucks; and opens a new distribution channel for the local businesses.

We find it interesting that the article refers to Charlottesville, Haute Pasture’s home, as “the locavore capital of the world.”

More from Relay’s web site:

Support a Sustainable Community
Communities are resilent entities. But over time, even the strongest ones become threatened when the ties that bind are loosened. Relay strengthens the ties that bind us to one another. Food is the key that unlocks relationships to farmers, to shop owners, to chefs, to bakers and cheesemakers. Through Relay, you experience the small town connection to those who grow and purvey the food you love to eat!

Shop Green
Relay has designed its operations to be light on the earth. Together with you we reduce our collective carbon footprint. Most food travels on average 1500 miles. With its farm vendors, Relay dramatically reduces the miles from farm to table. Take your car off the road and let Relay do your shopping for you in its small biodiesel-fueled trucks.

If you live or work in the Charlottesville area, check out Relay Foods!

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  1. Thanks so much for pointing out our article! We certainly think that C’ville is a great place to be a locavore, not least because all kinds of folks like you are thinking and providing information about the importance of where food comes from. All the best!

    Sarah (from

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