Why Should I Care?

Here’s Why You Should Care About Farm Animal Welfare and Factory Farms

It Matters to the Animals

According to the ASPCA, more than 99% of farm animals nationwide are raised in factory farms, crammed together in physical and mental distress in unnatural environments, and pumped full of drugs and chemicals.

It Matters to the Workers

Factory farm workers are exposed to toxic gases, inhalable particulates, high risk of injury, and are often subjected to unfair labor practices.

It Matters to Your Health

Factory farms’ misuse of antibiotics is contributing to growing bacterial resistance to the antibiotics, making them less effective in treating infections in humans. Meat from factory farms likely contains hormones, drugs, and other chemicals used to “enhance” it, which you absorb when you digest it. Factory farmed meat is more likely than grass-fed meat to contain pathogens that can sicken you. Remember what Michael Pollan said: “You are what what you eat eats.”

It Matters to the Environment

Factory farms consume massive amounts of water and fossil fuels, pollute waterways with chemical and sewage runoff, and release greenhouse gases, particulate matter, and fumes into the atmosphere. Clearing land to grow crops for livestock feed has deforested 260 million acres in the US.

Grass-fed Food Tastes Better

We think so! Of course taste is subjective, so try for yourself and see.

What You Can Do

Use your influence as a consumer: purchase your meat, eggs, cheese, and other animal products from farms that raise and slaughter their animals humanely. Go to your local farmer’s market and talk to the farmers, or even better, visit the farms and see first hand how the animals are cared for.

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