Edible Blue Ridge

Just picked up the Spring issue of Edible Blue Ridge. Yes, we are a little behind. Highlights:

  • The editor describing a 60 Minutes segment where Leslie Stahl got giddy over a simple breakfast cooked for her by Alice Waters
  • An article about Virginia Truffle Growers, who are selling oak seedlings that were inoculated with the spore that produces truffles
  • A description of goose, duck, and quail eggs, in comparison with chicken eggs
  • A short story about Jon Hampton, who creates stencils for the powdered sugar faces that sometimes grace the pancakes at Blue Moon Diner in Charlottesville
  • An ad for Bridgeport Construction, LLC, a local company that makes Eco Cottages. The pictured cottage is adorable, and only 250 square feet!
  • A recipe for candied mint: spray mint leaves with vegetable spray; dredge in sugar; microwave for a minute on a plate covered with plastic wrap

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