Current favorite treat: Almond Cashew KIND Bar

I am an afternoon snacker. This is my new favorite afternoon snack:


Almond Cashew with Flax + Omega 3 KIND Bar. It is SO good–nuts and fruit with a little natural sweetness thrown in. No gluten, no soy. (Some of the flavors do sneak soy in, if you care about that.) And it’s SO good! Sure, you could argue that dried fruit doesn’t need extra sweeteners, but they have to glue the pieces together with something. The conglomerate consistency is a different experience than the sandstone-like LaraBar (geology nerds? anyone?), and I think the nut pieces make the KIND Bar seem more substantial than a LaraBar–even though the LaraBar is actually 20% bigger. How do they compare nutritionally? The Cherry Pie LaraBar, a favorite of mine, has a bit less fat and a lot more potassium, but the KIND Bar has slightly fewer calories and grams of sugar. 
The KIND people have goals worthy of supporting with your dollars: producing snacks from wholesome, pronounceable ingredients; and promoting various social media crusades to improve the world in small ways.
 I would not consider them dietetic, however. Reader beware.
Dinner time!

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