Alice Waters came to Charlottesville

Alice Waters visited a school in Charlottesville last week. Beyond the Flavor has a beautiful post from the event. The City Schoolyard Garden Facebook page has several more pictures.

Who: Alice Waters, celebrated chef and owner of Chez Panisse, a Berkeley, CA restaurant consistently ranked among the world’s best. She is an author, and an activist for local, organic food; school lunch reform; and related education and outreach efforts.

What: Ms. Waters visited the City Schoolyard Garden at Buford Middle School, which is inspired by the Edible Schoolyard Project, which was created by Waters, and parents and staff from Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School in Berkeley.

When: April 18th, a dreary, rainy day.

Where: The City Schoolyard Garden at Buford Middle School, where students get hands-on learning about gardening, cooking, nutrition, and science.

Why: Ms. Waters came to Charlottesville to speak about the importance of schoolyard gardens and show her support for the City Schoolyard Garden at Buford. From a description of Chez Panisse Foundation’s mission:

Using food systems as a unifying concept, students learn how to grow, harvest, and prepare nutritious seasonal produce. Experiences in the kitchen and garden foster a better understanding of how the natural world sustains us, and promote the environmental and social well being of our school community.


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