Hay! Goats in Singapore!

There’s a goat farm in tiny, densely populated Singapore! Unfortunately, it’s a hour and a half to get there by public transport, so I can’t visit.

Hay Dairies is a small farm producing goat milk for the local market. The photo gallery shows the goats in a metal-floored enclosure instead of frolicking in pastures, so maybe it’s best that I can’t visit. They do look clean and healthy, though, and the FAQ says no growth hormones or (unnecessary, presumably) antibiotics are administered.

I hope local families and school take advantage of the opportunity to visit the farm. It’s good for urban children to learn where their food comes from.

In closing, a picture of my favorite sheep, Artos. (I don’t have a goat picture handy.) Enjoy!

Singaporean cow art

I saw this lovely sculpture in Fort Canning Park’s sculpture garden:

Isn’t it a wonderful reminder that cows are animals, not just food machines? Cows should be respected. [Even though I don’t eat them, I am not against it–as long as beef eaters are careful to eat cows that were treated well and slaughtered humanely.]