Dupont Circle Farmers Market

HP was on a field trip to Washington DC over the weekend, and unwittingly stumbled upon the Dupont Circle FRESHFARM Market. FRESHFARM Markets operate more than 10 farm-to-consumer markets in and around DC, with the goals of bringing area residents fresh, healthy food from the Chesapeake Bay region; educating consumers about the benefits of eating local food; and supporting local farmers who employ sustainable farming practices.

I sampled an apple from one stand, and it was the best apple I ever tasted. I was too mesmerized to take a picture.

DC residents are lucky to have several options for hitting the market (and Relay Foods too)!

The People’s Garden

urban garden in DC

While wandering around Washington DC, I was happy to stumble upon The People’s Garden, an urban garden near the USDA headquarters. A USDA initiative, these gardens exist all over the country as collaborations between local and national groups. They must be located on public property, and the produce is donated to those in need. From the USDA’s website:

They must benefit the community, in some cases by creating recreational spaces and in others by providing a harvest for a local food bank or shelter. They must be collaborative – that is, the garden must be created and maintained by a partnership of local individuals, groups, or organizations. And third, they should incorporate sustainable practices.

Nice job, USDA!