Buzzy’s Gluten-Free Sugar-Free Mulberry Crumble Surprise

Guest post from our favorite backyard farmer, Buzzy! Thanks, Buzzy!


Readers of Haute Pasture know how much Buzzy enjoys local food, with of course the pinnacle being food from your own backyard.  Buzzy noticed her mulberry tree was fruiting, so she picked a few and made up a recipe to try:

Buzzy’s Gluten-Free Sugar-Free Mulberry Crumble Surprise

cup of mulberries
honey (Buzzy feels like it’s technically not sugar if you’re a beekeeper)
4 packets of Stevia
Gluten-free flour (That’s the mystery!  It’s unclear whether the unmarked flour in Buzzy’s pantry was rice or teff or something similar.  Can you feel the drama building??)

Take two ramekins and fill the bottom of each with 1/2 cup of mulberries.  Drizzle a little bit of honey on top.  Separately, mix the butter, stevia, and mystery flour until you get a crumbly consistency.  Sprinkle on top of each ramekin and bake for 30 minutes at 350.

Result:  A very subtle berry crumble with just a hint of sweetness.  Quite tasty!  Not sure you can improve on perfection, but using almond flour and adding finely chopped pecans could make this into Buzzy’s Hall of Fame.