Over the holidays, the HP family spent time in West Virginia, and ate dinner at the lovely Panorama at the Peak. The view was gorgeous, the restaurant was homey, the menu emphasized local food, and the dishes were tasty. I recommend a visit if you are in Berkeley Springs. Mr HP and I were discussing the menu when the manager (I believe) passed and overheard “veal”; apparently she could tell how we feel about veal, because she offered up this nugget of reality:

If you want milk you have to have babies, and some of them are gonna be boys.


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  1. Exactly. I just read that same truism in Sharon Astyk’s new book, “Making Home.” And, the same holds true for eggs — out of each batch of 25 chicks, no one wants the 12 roosters, so they definitely aren’t leading the bucolic life of the pastured hen. Instead, they’re probably falcon feed at an early age, or butchered after a few months. Honestly, it does seem like the only way to keep animal suffering down to a minimum is to become a vegan. But, Buzzy may not be ready for that step just yet . . .

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