Paradox Pastry

In a break from the usual HP posts, there’s a new pastry shop in Charlottesville, and I felt duty-bound to check it out and report back here. Paradox Pastry recently opened in the Glass Building next to Bluegrass Grill. The owner is also a personal trainer; hence, the paradox.

It was hard to choose. I went with a gluten-free concoction of peanut butter mousse on a base of chocolate fudge, and my friends got a savory croissant and a blackberry pie.

The savory was as good as the sweets. My only complaint was that the desserts were too big and I don’t have the willpower to stop eating when I’ve hit my sugar limit.

sweet and savory

In addition to the downstairs seating area, there are a few tables upstairs and a TV. They did a great job with the space. Go check it out!

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