Local snack: CCNO Bars

I am embarrassed by, and sorry for the poor quality of this picture:

I walked around my office trying to find some decent lighting for my old iPhone’s camera, to no avail. Fortunately, this blog has a lovely photo of a CCNO Bar.

I needed an afternoon snack, and my favorite workday food shop doesn’t carry my usual quickie bite, Lara Bars. I like Lara Bars because they’re just fruit and nuts smashed together, without chemicals and additives and preservatives like Clif, etc. So I was very happy to find the box of CCNO Bars by the register. They’re along the same lines as Lara Bars, but made locally, and with an extra kick of flavor from cononut oil. They’re vegan, gluten free, and all-natural. And LOCAL. And REAL FOOD. Give them a try, if you can find them!

3 thoughts on “Local snack: CCNO Bars

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  2. I LOVE CCNO bars, however, understood that the owners moved to Canada in early 2011 and that their fabulous treats are not available. At least Whole Foods & Integral Yoga no longer sell them.

    Do you know of an update? Are you still finding the bars in the Charlottesville, VA area?

    Many thanks.

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