HP in Asia stop #3: Tokyo

Daytime meals in Tokyo (i.e., not at a real restaurant) were somewhat of a challenge for me. I loved the street food in Singapore; the majority of my meals there were veggie curries. Hong Kong had that lovely natural foods grocery with the food court, and I got several meals there. Tokyo had meat, meat, and more meat. And weird soy products. After guessing at ingredients at various food stalls the first afternoon, I finally went with this for lunch:

The next day I was starving in the Harajuku area and came upon this t-shirt display. What the heck?

I think I’ve seen the Sesame Street one before. The KFC one is a strange picture for someone to want to wear, but whatever. I don’t get the Ronald McDonald bear attack. I really just left those three in the picture to show the complete display of meat shirts.

But the top three are just awful! Animals with sad faces because they were served their own type of meat or eggs? That’s gross and depressing.

That’s all. Nothing intellectual or meaningful today. Just sharing my dismay.

1 thought on “HP in Asia stop #3: Tokyo

  1. Wow. Plenty of material for nightmares on your long flight back! Although, you have to admit that the round cartoon style is pretty cute, despite the content . . .

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