If you don’t grow your own…

…pick your own!

Today we took a field trip to Carter Mountain Orchard.

It was a beautiful day to hike through the orchard and pick a few peaches and apples. Yellow peaches and Ginger Gold, Red Delicious, Winesap, and Gala apple varieties are currently available for picking.

It was a satisfying venture in several respects: a lovely walk to pick delicious fruit, supporting a local farm, buying seasonal produce at the peak of its flavor.

Support local farms! Buy fresh, buy local!

1 thought on “If you don’t grow your own…

  1. Hi! Yes and AMEN! When I took a trip back to the US in June, I went to my local farm and learned soooo much about livestock, what they eat, what is truly organic, and how it affects us – the eaters!! Thanks for the great encouragement to get out there even if we’re not in a position to grow our own!

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